UHNW and HNW Women: WHO AM I? Why it matters to you


Why it matters to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) and High Net Worth (HNW) female clients.

First of all my name is Jay O'Burg. What you see is indeed what you get from a British born and bred lady of colour.

Here you shall discover who I am and make your decision as an Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW), or, High Net Worth (HNW) female client, if you wish me to help you with a conflicting, stressful or repetitive situation within your professional or personal life that requires immediate attention to enable your well-being and progression.  Either in business, social circles or privately. 

I shall be on this journey with you supporting you along the way, through my professional and personal expertise.  Always delivering self love and confidence in the steps that you take.  Whether you are a self made wealthy woman.  OR.  Gained wealth through a relationship.

I may not look similar to you, yet who I am resonates with you, connects with you, attracts you to want my particular help in your life right now.

UHNW and HNW Women Face Everything And RISE Coaching

UHNW and HNW Women Face Everything And RISE Coaching

Warning! Only click on the link if you are in a hurry to engage yourself with 1-to-1 RISE coaching transformation to iron out a particular lifestyle status circumstance, due to an imminent professional, social or private situation that requires immediate attention.