UHNW and HNW Women: How to feel bliss with affluence = Money v Happiness

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“Make a difference to your life.”
“Access your inner gain for a better life.”

Hello, Jay here...

Let me start by saying that for all you women where time is a fine resource, let me cut to the chase.

As a High Net Worth Woman can you answer this question.
(QIs it simply more money that you want OR happiness?

Where the happiness comes from within you, not external to you.

Have you ever experienced hearing a parting, seemingly ‘inconsequential’, funny / idiotic / weird comment that made you sit up and think?  That made you feel alive from the thought process as the comment travelled through the air.
Did you feel the hairs standing up on your arms, or at the back of your neck? Or a gut reaction.  Or a heartfelt reaction. A tingle in your body?

How are you using your passion to arrive at your “Aha!” moment?  Even if you think, believe, feel that you are unable to accomplish it.  Yet, the sensation of utilising your passion on the journey is magnetic. As it fills your life at that moment in time with a warm smile and embrace.

Know that there is something physical and LIVE! when you use your passion for your journey, which acts as your bliss bubble.  And yes, bubbles do burst, but this feeling that you are experiencing is inherently different in its composition.

You feel alive and resonated with the concept. The resonance gets amplified with the feeling that you have the solution to the question.  The resonance feels like the best perfect partner for life.  The feeling stays with you and you make your journey with it feeling BLISS. 

You want more of it as it makes you feel good. Just like a perfect partner should.  You want more of this feeling amplified within your life environment (personal and professional) in order to travel out to all aspects of your life existence, because it makes you feel excited.

Focus towards the ideas, or seeds of comments that deliver to you this overwhelming feeling of abundance, love and practicality.  That you can do whatever it is that you have to do, with each step in the present time.  Building the foundation of the path that will hold you and deliver you to your destination.  

It is a surge of positive feeling that transcends prior thoughts and feelings of ‘...not wanting to go back there.’  Where the ‘back there’ was a past moment and experience that made you feel less than what you are.  Feelings of being: Destitute. Dejected. Depressed. Diminished. Dis-ease.

Instead you feel a surge pull you towards an idea.  You have an innate feeling that you can make it happen through this surge of resonance that you feel in your body.  It encapsulates you. Your mind. Your body. Your belief. You can do it. The certainty is there. 

You understand that you have a particular journey that is ‘vision unknown’ at certain moments, at the same time you have an incredible feeling that you will arrive at a destination that is perfect for you.  All of this serves your purpose.

The feeling of the resonance intertwined with the idea keeps coming back to you.  With each step that you take in the present, the more the answer unfolds itself to you through this resonance.  The joy in researching, reading, writing, doing, asking, being still enough for something to open doors of opportunity for you, gets to materialise more amplifications through your ‘joy of discovery’ resonance.
You feel this in your bones.
You feel this in your gut instinct.
You become more aligned with the solutions that will serve you well.
The destination through this resonance has a tendency to be beyond what you imagined it to be.

Listen to your guiding inner voice, your gut instinct.  

Listen to the honesty of the people who are trying to help you achieve your destination. 


They will help you to navigate your journey and reach your destination. It is all about moving in a forward direction with you at the centre of the energy momentum.  You build your team (even if it is just one extra person) around you to help you with hurdles that are placed before you, where you have the ability to jump over each and every hurdle. To surmount.
Think of it like a video game, where you are reaching all the levels and you are doing it with a deep joy in your heart.

(A). The idea to follow is the one which makes you feel most alive.

The answer is always in your body.
It feels magnetic.
Go with it.
It is your innate body sensation that is guiding you to your destination location.
The place that you may have an idea of, but the feeling of happiness overrides the vision of the destination.

Are ideas alive?

Ideas manifest in various ways.
Some people get chills with the recurrence of the idea.
Some people get goose pimples with the recurrence of the idea.
Some people feel a warm glow in the pit of their stomach with the recurrence of the idea.
Some people feel a giddiness with the recurrence of the idea.
Some people get excited with the recurrence of the idea.
Some people feel an increase in their energy with the recurrence of the idea.

When this happens you are in unison with the path that you are taking. The unison of energies that you feel brings the amplification of the greater good that shall serve you.

Ideas have to make you feel alive.  If the ideas do not make you feel alive then you are going against your gut instinct, your resonance.
Ideas have to excite you, lift you and carry you.
Ideas have to feel as though they are expanding your happiness.
Ideas that you are working within and which feel contracted are depleting your energy and are delivering a journey that uses you, instead of you utilising it.  Do not go there.  No matter how much it seems to be good on paper or logical. Or, is what others before you have always done.

Contraction is a NO, NO.
Do not be afraid to say NO.
It may just be a NO for now, and if you come up against it in the future the NO may have altered to suit you and become a YES.
The NO has to transmute to your resonance. Not the other way around.
It serves you, you do not serve it.
No’s and contractions become YES’s and expansions when they are innovative and think outside of the box.  Yet it still maintains that 'back to basics' sense about it.  It is like water finding a path of flow at the hard face of a rock.

It may not seem logical, but do it all the same as it feels good to you.  It feels in tune with you.  You are aligned with it.
It excites you.  You are turned on by it.

The end goal is whatever the end goal is. For now you are enjoying the BLISS that you feel through the idea(s) expansion on the journey to the destination.

The ALIVE ideas are bringing you abundance in the here and now. If the idea(s) is not bringing you this feeling, then the idea is not in alignment with you.  The idea is not resonating with you.  The idea gathers growth because the idea is ALIVE, it will manifest more for you as it takes you on your journey.

Understand that your success is an inner work of art.  Success works from the inside out.  Success has to have its seed sown within you, in order for it to be manifested in your environment with the help of your team and their aligned resonance with yours.

Success has to be switched on, aligned and vibrant within you in order to activate itself.  Success is only contagious with others if other people are energetically aligned with you.  If other people resonate on a frequency level as yours, with a mindset that is parallel and connects through a mechanism of oneness and magnetism.

You enable people to see your vision, to enable their awareness and add to the amplification of your energy on this journey of yours.  This energy becomes tangible in its outcome and delivers greater joy to you.  That is, if your joy could be any greater as you take the journey.

You do not have to wait for the end action to bring you happiness.  Revel in the happiness that you feel in the here and now, as this builds the foundation to the next step(s).

The spirit, the soul, the presence that the destination delivers is so well expressed through everyone that has helped you on your journey. The reason for this is because you have allowed a team to help you achieve your destination. Additionally, this is why you are deemed an inspiration to others.

Now do you get it?  What High Net Worth Women Clients Want.

What is the insight that you have uncovered from all of this?

HOW do you want to put things into action to help you on your journey?

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